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Mr. Rick Soto is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MultiTalent Management Incorporated, as well as, The Journal for Innovation Corporation. Mr. Soto received a bachelors of science in business administration (BSBA) degree from Capella University, and masters of business administration (MBA) in finance degree from Aspen University. He is a lifetime member of the Golden Key Honour Society. Rick has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and communications. He was appointed into Cambridge Who's Who (2008). He has been honored by Empire Who's Who (2004 / 2005), as well as, Lexington Who's Who (2001). He has been instrumental in taking the business to its present scale.
Introduction for Speaking Engagements
I can be a speaker, panelist, or moderator. I have been to over 80 conferences / events, since 1998. Visit for further information.


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    I am comfortable with the following formats:

    • 2005, by: Julian Ramos, "Soto Inducted into Who's Who" - Santa Ynez Valley News (US)
    • 2018, by: Mary Paronyan, "Recorded Interview" - WIND International Film Festival (US)
    • 2018, by: Gil Martinez, "Recorded Interview" - AV Entertainment Live (US)
    • 2012, by: Nikki Ibarra, "Broadcast" - KSBY TV (US)
    • 2011, by: John Palminteri, "Broadcast" - KEYT TV (US)
    • World Premiere WHERE DREAMS REST Lady Filmmakers Festival - PublicistWire
    • Ricardo Soto of SotoImages Receives Honorable Mention Award at Virgin Spring Cinefest - PublicistWire
    • Protect the Rights of Big-Rig Truckers - Noozhawk

    Sample Interview Questions

    Are you currently working on a book?
    Yes, I am working on a novel, which will become a script for a film trilogy as shown on my IMDb page. I am also working on a book focused on pageantry that has inspired me to create a documentary currently in development.

    Artist Statement

    I love Goddesses, bombshells with high intellect and a heart of gold with a spirit to change the Universe where darkness falls to light. All my art is born from this ideal, whether photography of pageantry, movies / books with messages, or fine art of naked Demi-God Angels performing good work. I use art to express my ideas, because it comes easy to me as if it were a gift. I have had spiritual visits, which has changed my life realizing we must fight for light throughout the Universe in order to be immortal spirits.